In a shocking incident in the national capital, a new Mahindra Thar has been charred beyond repairs. Damages have also been extended to a vehicle nearby and a neighbouring wall according to a report on

As per the owner, Mr. Pawan Kumar Thapar, he had booked a Mahindra Thar in March 2014 and took delivery of the off-roader on April 2 with the registration number DL10-CT-0603. The owner claims that his Thar did not carry any additional electrical accessories or other after-market fitments.

New-Mahindra-Thar-Catches-Fire (3)

He had just driven his off-roader for some time in the compound and had then parked it and went to his apartment. Within 10 minutes people came rushing in to inform him of flames coming out of his Thar’s bonnet. Owners of the nearby vehicles had started moving their cars away to a safer location, except for a Zen which was right next to the Thar and had already caught flames. As it can be seen in the images, a part of a nearby house was also damaged.

The fire department, police authorities and the showroom manager were immediately informed. Unfortunately, by the time fire personnel reached the spot and doused the flames, it was too late. The Thar had been damaged completely.

New-Mahindra-Thar-Catches-Fire (1)

Pawan has already written several emails to Mahindra’s customer care. He’s even contacted their regional office, requesting for a call back. Even the dealership has been far from being supportive as per the report. Meanwhile, the owner of the Zen and the owner of the damaged house have reportedly filed an FIR against Pawan.

Thankfully the flames had not reached the Piped Natural Gas supply nearby (the yellow pipe which can be seen in the pictures is actually piped gas supplied by Indraprastha Gas Ltd.), otherwise a major fire would have aroused and caused a much more extensive damage.

New-Mahindra-Thar-Catches-Fire (2)

The reason of the fire to Thar is not known but it is highly mysterious for a brand new car to catch fire. We understand the agony of the owner and expect the company and its dealer to be helpful in this case.




  1. Its a really horrible incident, the owner must be shattered. Wonder where is Mahindra’s so talked about professionalism in this case.


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