New Mercedes S-Class will Come with Inflatable Rear Seat Belts

A few days back we reported about a test mule of the Mercedes Benz S-Class which was spotted testing in Germany. We also reported that the new S-Class will sport extensive safety features like Braking Bag. Now we have come up with another news that elaborates safety features on the new S-Class a bit more.


Reports say that the new S-Class will sport Inflatable Rear Seat Belt to reduce the possibilities of injuries to the rear seat passengers. This feature is referred as Belt Bag. Mercedes Benz claims that this safety system reduces the load on passengers’ thorax in case of an impact. The seat belt straps are multi-layered and has tea seams. A gas generator inflates these seat belts up to nearly three times of their normal width. The company has also mentioned that during consumer tests, the Beltbag was said to have “good comfort characteristics and extremely soft strap edging”.

This feature is supposed to be a standard fitment for the entire S-Class line-up. This next generation of the S-Class is expected to make its debut at the Geneva auto show next year. You can read more about this car here.



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