The smartly designed, bolder and better equipped new Toyota Corolla went on sale in Europe this year. In India this mid-sized sedan is being readied for a faceoff next year.

New Corolla comes with a comprehensive makeover which includes new striking face and futuristic styling to appeal younger drivers. ‘Furia’ concept based New Corolla will see lights by early 2014 in India. Autocar brought the first spy shots of new Corolla being tested in India. Within a few days dinu2506, a reader has caught the car again at Indira Nagar in Bangalore.

New-2014-Toyota-Corolla-India-Spy-Pic (3)

These test mule shots confirm the exterior styling as expected – An unfussy rear styling, chrome lined tail lights, horizontal cut chrome clad front and sharp headlamps. The details of the revised interiors remain in dark as of now. However, dinu2506 reported plush interiors as he drove by. An all-new electric power steering system will augment the drivability.

New-2014-Toyota-Corolla-India-Spy-Pic (4)

The major fly in the ointment remains the engine options that the new Corolla is touted to be made available with. Apart from the dual VVTi 1.8L petrol motor  it is the extremely underpowered 1.4L 90 PS diesel engine that is being carried over.

The engine will leave the new Corolla a dud in the face of the competition, as is the case right now. A torquey 1.6L or 1.8L would have done justice for a sedan of its size, standard and competition.

New-2014-Toyota-Corolla-India-Spy-Pic (2)

With Corolla looking youthful (for the first time ever), we see a winner. But as soon as we hear the possibility of the same 1.4L diesel motor, we put our blenkets on and go to sleep. Come on Toyota, prove everyone wrong; Give the new Toyota a deserving engine! Else do not waste the new Corolla et all!

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-by Saravana Priyan




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