The 2014 Honda Fit will be launched in Japan tomorrow in turn making the home country first in the world to get it. It has also started reaching dealerships and what we see is a real gorgeous new iteration of what was already regarded as one of the best hatchbacks we have seen.

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These dealerships pics are featured at a Thailand based forum From the official press pictures, these real life pictures reveal a lot about the new design of the car.

Also known as Fit in many markets including Japan, the new Jazz has a stronger road presence than the earlier iteration. The sculpting of the car is now better, leading to more noticeable edges and panels. The front face of the car is even more dominating than the earlier edition. Though there isn’t much chrome upfront, a matte black finish does wonders. The car misses out on puffed up wheel arches, but lends itself a suave image thanks to its clean, sleek profile.

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At the rear, there is an edgier looking tail-lamp cluster that shoots upwards. The only chrome at the rear is in the form of the Honda badging. Overall, the car is a result of a fantastic job by Honda’s designers.

The 2014 Jazz will get better engine options as compared to the outgoing model. The available options are a 1.3/1.5 L regular mills that will guzzle fuel, and a 1.5 L hybrid mill. On the frontline, however, lies the new 1.5 L, Atkinson cycle, four-cylinder IMA hybrid mated to a new one-motor, intelligent dual-clutch drive combination. Generating 135 hp at 6000 rpm and 125 lb-ft of torque at 5000 rpm, the new hybrid delivers plenty of power with a stratospherically high mileage figure of 85 mpg in Japanese spec, according to Honda.

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It is claimed that the new Honda has brisk acceleration as well as pretty good cabin NVH levels. The new DCT seems to have done away with the outgoing CVT’s problems. It is also said that the cogs slot into each other flawlessly, and allow seamless gear changes at any speed.

However, for the Indian market we will get a different set of engines. Along with the current 1.2L i-VTEC petrol motor, New 2014 Jazz will be powered by the 1.5L i-DTEC diesel engine that it will share with the hugely successful Amaze.

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The interiors of the New Jazz are what look spartan and uninspiring and we feel it could have done with better looking and more modern swashes. And we wish Honda incorporates some India-specific changes to the Indian version of the car. It is coming next-year to India and fully armed this time.

So, the Swifts and the Polos, the real competition is here…!

And have you started saving up?

Check out more pics at newjazzthailand




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