Ready For the Assault? Next-Gen Jazz & Mobilio MPV to Premiere at Auto Expo in Feb

Still ruminating whether to go to the Auto Expo or not? Here is another incentive for you if you decide in the affirmative. Honda is planning to showcase its Ertiga rival, Mobilio MPV and the Next-Gen Jazz at the Auto Expo at Delhi this coming February, as also confirmed by Autocar India.


Looking at the photographs we have, one can’t but “wow” at the new Jazz. It looks cosmopolitan…almost futuristic. The interiors aren’t a disappointment either. It looks sophisticated and taut and solidly put together. And being a Honda you can bet that Jazz will also have enough of that refined grunt to carry the car around handsomely. Honda most probably will utilize the 1.2-litre petrol and the 1.5-litre EarthDreams diesel to propel the car for India.


Honda Jazz is what i20 is to Hyundai and if they can manage to price it just right this time, there is no reason why the beautiful and capable i20 shouldn’t begin to feel the heat. And the Swifts too!

On the other hand, the Mobilio MPV looks functional, appears to have plenty of space, however, there seems to be a disconnect between the front and rear design! We are obviously basing our comments on the pics we have seen. However, a live look at the car and who knows we are wrong!


Mobilio will be pitted against Ertiga and will also send shivers to Enjoy and Evalia in the process. Mobilio MPV will be capable of carrying 7 around and Honda promises reasonable comfort. Having said that though, we would be interested to check out the third row space and its efficiency in carrying adults at the back.

There will be a diesel and a petrol engine option for the Mobilio and needless to say that diesel will always be the preferred option. An Auto Expo premiere for India and launch thereafter is what we are looking at. How many of you will attend the Auto Expo just for the new Honda Jazz…?

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