NGT Ban on 10 Year Old Diesel Vehicles in Delhi: The Mess set to Get Sour!

The National Green Tribunal has recently directed the RTO in New Delhi to de-register 10 year old diesel vehicles with immediate effect. This is reportedly being done to address the growing pollution issue in the national capital which has become a hot topic for people to debate on. Earlier, the NGT had tried to ban all 15 year old cars, be it powered by a petrol or a diesel but the rule was not implied.

They have also asked the government to submit proposals which will be offered to those who want to dispose of their old vehicles. To give you an idea of how big it can be, this ruling can effectively take out nearly 4 lakh of cars from the streets of Delhi. Delhi Police had earlier said that they will not be able to stop such vehicles from plying on the roads.


The RTO has been asked to forward the enforcement arm a list of all vehicles which will be de-registered. Yes, stopping public on the roads and then checking their necessary papers is a task and doing this for so many people will make things bad for traffic. But what are the enforcement folks going to do? Knock at everyone’s doors?

While this ban can be a short time boost for sale of new petrol cars, it spells the doom for the used car industry. For them even old petrol cars may not be a safe spot as who knows whether NGT’s next victim will be them or not. Also what about the old vehicles?

Are the residents supposed to just throw away their 10 year old diesel cars?  Selling them to another state will be following the ‘not in my backyard policy’, which will make this move redundant in the longer run. Also, one of the biggest problems related to air pollution in the capital is the presence of high levels of particulate matter, Now 98 per cent of this is non vehicular. Will this apartheid against diesel be of any use.then? I doubt it.

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  1. These organizations are run by dimwits. They don’t care about the industrial pollution in the area which is so rampant and goes unchecked. most of the companies do not follow the environmental rules while disposing off wastes be it land, water or air .
    The best remedy is to increase the green cover. Trees are the only solution to the rising pollution levels. I think these people haven’t read that during their school time and that’s why acting so dumb or is there some other vested interest.


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