After the launch of the Next-Gen Micra in India, Nissan rebranded and repositioned the existing Micra as ‘Micra Active’ and launched it at an attractive starting price tag of Rs 3.5 Lakhs last year for the base XE variant.

Now in an exclusive update, let us inform you that the company has discontinued the Micra Active XE variant and the new prices start from Rs 4.27 Lakhs ex-showroom Delhi which are for the next XL trim. We inquired about this with multiple dealerships in India which confirmed that it has been some time that Nissan is not shipping the base variant.


At the recent Datsun Go media drive, we asked a couple of Nissan officials, who also confirmed the development. Reasons cited by them were the ‘lack of interest’ in the entry level model but reluctantly they agreed that this is done to create vacuum and reasonable space for the Datsun GO hatchback which will be launched in India within a few days and is expected to carry a price tag between Rs 2.99 Lakhs and Rs 3.7 Lakhs for the top of the line trim (More Details on Go).

Frankly speaking this is an expected move else Micra Active would have cannibalized into the Datsun’s maiden car in the country luring customers to buy the more renowned brand and a more sturdy & recognised car! Both Nissan Micra Active & Go are currently available only with a petrol engine.

Datsun-Go (1)

With this change, Micra Active is available in the following three variants:

  1. Micra Active XL: Rs 4.12 Lakhs
  2. Micra Active XV: Rs 4.42 Lakhs
  3. Micra Active XV S: Rs 4.71 Lakhs

* Prices ex-showroom Delhi

The New Micra starts at Rs 4.82 Lakhs. This means with a similar platform, Nissan intends to have three products starting from Rs 3 Lakhs and going all the way till 7 odd lakhs! Go will lure the entry level buyers, Micra Active the more brand concious ones and the New Micra the more premium takers.

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