Auto Expo : Nissan ‘Friend-ME’ Concept

Nissan showcased a concept car called ‘Friend-ME’ during the Auto Shanghai 2013. The ‘Friend-ME’ Concept is a muscular, assertive looking car designed primarily in China, for rich, young Chinese men in their mid/late 20s. The ‘Friend-ME’ Concept previews Nissan’s future design language and is powered by an advanced PureDrive hybrid drivetrain.


The ‘Friend-ME’ has a low and wide stance and floating roof and shallow glass area akin to other members of the Nissan family. The concept also sports the signature boomerang-shaped headlamps and rear combination lamps.┬áThe PureDrive combines a petrol engine with latest-generation lithium-ion batteries offering economy and emissions with a flexible range.

The interior of the concept has 4 individual lounge-style seats with infotainment displays for all. The unique center console runs the entire length of the passenger compartment designed to deliver all 4 passengers entertainment and information on the move. The IT system and the integrated monitor screens allow passengers to share info, images and music from their mobile devices and also allows for internet connectivity.


The ‘Friend-ME’ is designed and engineered to be accessible to all and delivers a tempting vision of what buyers can expect from Nissan in the future. Doesn’t it look futuristic?

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