In what appears to be a real interesting move from the Japanese maker Nissan, the company has terminated their partnership with Hover Automotive India, the company which took care of all Nissan’s marketing and distribution till now.

With the termination of the middlemen Hover, Nissan will assume full responsibility of the complete distribution of Nissan branded cars in the country. Nissan will also take care of the marketing, sales and service of its cars.


Hints of such a move came in first when the company announced that the new budget Datsun branded cars will be sold independently by Nissan a few months back. There have been issues reported concerning Hover and the way they tackled the process and now Nissan feels that it is the right time to take over.

Nissan’s President Kenichiro Yomura said that the company is now mature enough to take care of complete operations, right from production to final sales and everything in between. He also said that the first priority of the company is to ensure a seamless transition from the current process.

The company also said that they will officially announce the new business structure in some time. This, we believe is the second (first was Datsun) and possibly the most important step Nissan had to take at some point or the other.

How would it better the overall end customer experience remains to be seen but we believe these are vital indications coming from the company which signal the seriousness of Nissan towards the Indian market.

In terms of products, apart from the Datsun branded Go & Go+ MPV, Nissan will launch the new Sunny facelift along with a diesel version of their budget Micra Active soon (Check spyshots).

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