The latest to join the bandwagon of sub-4 meter sedans and compact SUVs is the Japanese car maker, Nissan! But we have a surprise here.

The car which they have chosen to base their sub-4 meter sedan is the ‘large’ Sunny! According to a report on Economic Times,┬áNissan is studying the Indian market’s special needs and tying to recognise the trend of the sub 4 metre compact sedan segment. The company believes that they have the products and the capability to mould them as per the market launch something which makes sense for the Indian consumers.

How would Nissan create a sub-4 meter out of this Sunny (facelift)?

The hint that we get from the report is that Nissan is going to chop the Sunny to bring it under the sub-4 meter mark. Now, if we bring to your notice the total length of Sunny is 4425mm, we believe it would become more of a hatchback, and an ugly one at that! So, if Nissan is considering Sunny for the sub-4 meter, they will have to do a relatively extensive groundwork to bring it down to the under-4 meter levels.

First up, the very impressive interior space has to go. Then they will have to bring in some (major) cosmetic mods to make it look proportional.

Successful Terrano is all set to get a new smaller sibling

Moving away to the compact SUV plans, we understand Terrano’s success must have made the company study a sub-4 meter brethren. Massive success for EcoSport must have speeden up the process and we believe the outcome, whenever it is, will be a nice little inclusion to the lineup!

Nissan has an upcoming product line up of 10 new cars till 2016-17 planned for India, and two sub 4 metre products are high probables. Nissan India has already contacted its parent company for approval.




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