The Japanese automaker Nissan which is making its presence felt all over the world has teased a new concept called the Resonance which it showcased at the Detroit Motor show and unveiled at the North American International Auto Show.

Resonance is the company’s latest entrant in the envelope-pushing crossover concepts from Nissan and when it starts to spawn the crossovers, you would witness a pretty much mirror cracking material on the roads. The Resonance Concept will spawn a wide variety of SUVs and Crossovers from Nissan in future and the teaser gives us a glimpse into the future.


That it will use a hybrid powertrain is the only detail that has been disclosed by Nissan. The concept Resonance pretty much resembles the TeRRA concept from the images we have and the TeRRA concept made its debut at the Paris Motor Show last year. The TeRRA concept car was assumed to be the one which would bring in the next-generation Nissan Murano and since the Resonance concept seems a step ahead of it, we believe that it is pretty much the concept which will give us the production ready version of the car.


Another thing which we believe that the latest concept might also be the preview of the company’s next generation Rogue CUV. Nissan is planning the update to their compact crossover sometime this year and it might very well be the sneak peek into the next generation Rogue. Nissan has also stated that they have a CUV planned for India based on the Duster but it would not be a re-badging job. Now do you think, it might very well borrow cues from this Resonance concept?


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Nissan Resonance Concept




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