If there was one winner of the rapidly growing compact SUV segment in India, that was, by far, Renault Duster. Duster took the country by storm and single handedly catapulted the French manufacturer higher up the rankings in terms of monthly sales.

But as it happens so often, Duster has intensely increased competition now. Apart from others, JV partner Nissan is readying up their version of Duster which will be called as ‘Terrano’ under Nissan’s badge. A few days back Nissan has released the official teaser of the compact SUV which revealed that Terrano will be sharper and will come with a completely different face.


At its official site, Nissan has now put up another sketch of Terrano which showcases its rear. Yet again and as we understood, the rear has also been redesigned to give it as different a look as possible. It carries a split tail-lamp cluster, chrome over the number plate and reflectors on the bumper.

Frankly speaking, it looks mixed-bag to us and a real decisive judgement can only be made when we see the official car or at least the actual pictures of Terrano. Barely a few days back, hidden and camouflaged spyshots of Terrano have already made way onto the Indian web (check them here).

This is Terrano from the front

Nissan Terrano will share engine options along with other major bits with Duster but the singlemost major pointer which goes against it is the fact that, (according to speculations) it will be priced higher than the already overpriced Duster. Launch of Terrano is expected in a couple of months from now, if the recent media report of a July launch goes wrong.

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  1. At least the exterior looks much better then the duster , the muscular bulge over the wheels now looks more proportioned and the rear tail lamps looks much attractive and the over all tail looks much better . But the much needed change is the door handles and the dashboard which looks pretty out of the market , the dashboard should be more modern and up-market , along with this they should also add many more features to compete with the duster and the eco sport . Apart from this they should not forget that India is a very price sensitive market , so price it properly .


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