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Nissan finally unveiled its much-anticipated compact SUV Terrano a couple of days back at a cinematic event in Mumbai. Showcasing the many facets of the Terrano which will help it to conquer different terrains, it was uncovered in three different situations by well-known film director Kabir Khan.

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It was a glittering ceremony, no doubt at that. But will Terrano glint and shine?? Let’s have a glance.

The audience was treated to a bit of Nissan’s history, focusing on its tryst with SUVs. Pathfinder and Patrol were recognizable products from Nissan, and the company says they want to provide a similar experience to the Indians with the Terrano.

The Terrano isn’t a brand new product. It has gone through three life cycles, and the current one is the fourth. This Terrano does carry some inspiration from the larger Pathfinder SUV. According to Nissan’s statement at the launch event, the Indian SUV market will surge over 30% by 2016. They claimed that with the mushrooming of highways and better connectivity options, the average Indian isn’t satisfied with just a sedan. He wants to explore, and here is Nissan with its crossover Terrano. Boasting of an “Everyday, Everywhere” theme, it does seem to fit the bill.

It is already well known that the Terrano is a badge-engineered product, born out of the Nissan-Renault alliance. Hence, comparisons with the Renault Duster are obvious. Let us have a quick preview of Terrano…

Styling & Design:

The Duster strikes you as beastly and animalistic, due to its rugged proportions. It has a beefy build, “Blunt Edges” being the catch phrase for its design cue.

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The Terrano, on the other hand, appears to be a subtler (Could we call it more refined?) avatar of what was earlier on offer. Nevertheless, the car isn’t just a “front-portion-tweak” of the Duster. Nissan informed that the body panels of the Terrano are completely different from that of the Duster, barring the roof and the rear-quarter panel.

As usual, let us begin upfront. The rectangular eyes of the Duster are replaced by much sharper, near-parallelogram shaped inserts. Much detail has gone into these eyes, with a 4-pod design and nicely integrated turn-signal lamps.

The bonnet gets two parallel creases. They end up being conjoined with the two inclined chrome bars that flank the “Hamburger” emblem on the engine grille. A honeycomb type of mesh is also present, lending a glimpse of the capable powerplant that lies inside.

Things start appearing similar in profile with the Nissan Terrano carrying bulged out wheel arches and a window section similar to the Renault Duster. However, a few differences remain. The B-pillars as well as the C-pillars are darkened on the Terrano, and it runs astride on more premium-looking wheels. Nissan calls them machined finish alloy wheels. We would like to shoo the jargon, and just concentrate on the fact that they look nice.

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It is the rear portion of the Terrano that carries a lot of throwbacks to the Renault Duster. To prevent accusations of blatant copying, the tail-lamps have been changed. They are edgier as compared to those on the Duster, and Nissan feels such a design helps provide a wider impression. We also like the rear bumper, that carries detailed contouring like that on the front bumper.


To justify the expected higher price tag as compared to the Renault Duster, it comes loaded with more beige. The central part of the dashboard has undergone a fair bit of change, with oblong air-conditioning vents replacing the circular ones found on the Renault Duster. There is a small storage space above them too.

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A lot of shiny accent has invaded the Terrano’s interiors. Chrome lines the oblong air-conditioning vents we just referred to, and there is a silver finish to the panel just beneath it. The interiors seem to do justice to the more premium image, or does it?

A new steering wheel is present. Sadly, the music controls behind it are absent. Pfft!!

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There is no change, however, in the structure of the cabin. Hence, roominess and comfort is expected to be at par with the Duster. Decent legroom at the rear and a good boot space is also present.

A fine looking car, that is Nissan Terrano for you. However, does it justify the extra premium over the already overpriced Duster is the bigger question?

Nissan will launch the car in October at a price tag of sub-10 Lakhs for the entry variant. Pre-bookings will start from 1st September and you can expect your Terrano to be delivered to you before Diwali. So, how many of you are booking one?

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Nissan Terrano Unveiling Picture Gallery

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