Nissan’s Duster Coming Soon; Will Collectively Fight EcoSport?

If there was one car that change the fortunes of Renault in India, that was, without doubt, the Duster. It, single handedly took Renault over many older and more experienced competitors in India. 

Then this news started making waves that partner Nissan also wanted a share of the pie to cash in on the opportunity and hence have plans to launch its own version of Duster. Nissan’s Duster was slated to make way sometime this year and now, BSMotoring reveals that the wait might just not be longer.

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According to BSMotoring, Nissan’s Duster based SUV will hit the roads in a few months and will not be just a mere rebadge job like Micra/Pulse and Sunny/Scala. Its still not out what name will Nissan put their SUV in the market with but from a few interactions with the officials, it has become evident that Nissan’s Duster will come with a new look and identity.

The front and rear might be completely redesigned along with a refresh job to the interiors. The engines will definitely be carried over and we do not expect any tuning changes as well. The more interesting bit here is the fact that in India, Nissan’s products are kept under Renault’s and that is expected to happen with Duster as well.

So, if you have loved the Duster and feel it is a little costly, you just have to wait a wee bit for a more affordable Duster which will come with Nissan’s moniker. What this will also mean, is that, Renault Duster, which is registering impressive 4000-5000 units per month will have to face not only EcoSport’s onslaught but will also have to compete with its newly-draped¬†sibling. Or, is this Renault-Nissan’s ploy to keep EcoSport at bay?

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Source: BSMotoring

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