As it plans on picking itself from the rubble that it finds itself in, Nissan is readying to launch a flurry of new products in India which includes Compact SUVs and sub-four metre sedans, two of the fastest growing segments in the country according to Business Standard.The ambitious plan is to increase their market share from the tiny 1.1 % to a respectable 10 % within the next three-four years.


Needless to say, the above-mentioned segments are the current hot-favourites of the automotive sector. We have nearly every manufacturer going head-over-heels in answering the market’s call with relevant products. A few of them were showcased at the Delhi Auto Expo. Say for example the Zest sedan from Tata Motors. We also have the Hyundai Xcent and the Ford Figo sedan concept in the making. In the realm of crossovers and compact SUVs, Fiat showcased its Avventura alongside a glitzy looking Chevy Adra SUV Concept.

Nissan has been slow in entering into this segment. Reports and studies have pointed out that the sales of hatchbacks have fallen by 10 % in the last year. The decline in mid-sized sedan sales has been even more drastic after being pegged at 30% in the last year. The reports have also reinforced the fact that Compact SUVs and small sedans are seeing a major spurt in sales. This is probably due to a combination of factors ranging from the tight, cramped environs of the urban areas as well as the growing disposable incomes of people which is prompting them to move on from hatchbacks.

No details on what products or specific models Nissan is planning to introduce in India yet. Will they be Indianised versions of their international models or will Nissan follow the rebadge route or in an unlikely scenario grounds-up India-centric products.

Just today, Nissan has officially announced that they have terminated their middlemen Hover with immediate effects and the company will directly take care of distribution, sales and service of their cars. In a way, Nissan has made its plans clear. It is no longer happy with playing second, or rather third fiddle, in the Indian auto market. It wants to be a major force in the landscape in the coming years.

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