Earn Quick CASH for Car Spy Pics! You Spy We Pay

Wanna make some quick bucks? Then grab hold of your point-and-shoot camera (a good mobile cam will also do), pull that hoodie over your head and keep your eyes open. Now, if you happen to catch a glimpse of something irregular on the roads, then don’t just stand with your mouth agape and stare!! You would do a lot better if you S-H-O-O-T, and do it well before it’s out of your eyeshot!!!

With the Indian auto sector moving at a great pace, newer companies are making inroads and the existing companies are on their toes to face the onslaught.

And, in all this mayhem YOU can be the one benefited! How? Read on..

Spot a Test Car, share its pics and win quick cash…Its as simple as that!

  • Prior to launch companies test their cars on our roads.
  • Generally, test cars have Red Number Plates.
  • They might or might not be camouflaged or covered.
  • These cars can be spotted anywhere in India – in busy traffics, zipping across highways, on rough terrains like Leh etc.
  • You just need to photograph these ‘Test Mules’ and send them to us and voila you could win some quick cash!


Finer Prints:

  • Images you share should be yours and not copyrighted
  • Images should not have been used anywhere else on the web.
  • The more important the car caught under test, the more you earn.
  • The clearer the pics, the better returns
  • Decision of how much money would rest on us
  • Only if we mutually agree, we would use your pics

Just send us your Pics at 



Here are a few specimens of Test Mules shared by our readers

2 thoughts on “Earn Quick CASH for Car Spy Pics! You Spy We Pay”

  1. Hi Team,

    I’ve Spy shot a SUV model in Chennai, I do own the photos and videos taken during the road test.

    The vehicle was camouflage and was found with red test plate.

    I’m a media person and with that experience I’ve shooter all angles during the vehicle road test driving mode..

    Please reply me whether you are interested for the same and also reply with your best quote for the same..


    Kudpudeen .S


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