Now you have Time till June 5 to Remove Sunfilms, Deadline Extended

In some sort of a respite from a decision which majority of the citizens are terming as irrational, people in Bangalore can remove sunfilms in their cars till June 5 post which there will be strict actions taken against them.

Delhi Police Sun Film Drive Picture from Facebook official page


The Bangalore traffic police have extended the earlier set deadline of May 19 to remove sunfilms and the new date set is June 5. The traffic police says that this is done based on the requests received from public and several organizations.


If people do not remove tinted sunfilms from their cars after June 5, police will fine the offenders of Rs 300 for the first time, Rs 500 for repeat offence and can seize the vehicle if the offender is caught for the third time.

It must be known to everyone that Supreme Court of India has prohibited use of any kind of Sunfilms on cars window glasses, windscreens, safety glasses all over the country.


A couple of day back, we asked a few people from general public about their opinion about this ruling from the Supreme Court and majority of people seem to be calling it an unreasonable order. You can read various comments and cast your opinion in a poll here



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Editor MotorBash


Source: Deccan Herald


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