Upto 1.7 Lakh Off on Hyundai Cars in Dec; Price Rise Due in January

Hyundai India, in an official communication has announced a price hike coming this January. Being the country’s second largest car manufacturer, this news will end up affecting a lot of people as they are planning to bring this price hike on their entire Indian line-up.

The company management has decided on taking this step due to rising input costs and high rupee depreciation against the US dollar which has made importing parts costlier than before. While rising prices have been known to be plaguing manufacturers for a long time now, the issue of rupee depreciation seems to be well on the paths of stabilizing.


The official statement goes on to add that all models will see an increment in prices anywhere between Rs 5,000 to Rs 25,000, depending on the model and variant.

December Delight

This makes December a great time to buy your favourite Hyundai, as the company also has an attractive December Delight scheme to attract more and more customers. These offers include exchange bonus and corporate benefits:

  • Santro, which is on the fag end of its lifecycle, can get you a savings of Rs 38,500
  • Cute little Eon, will allow you to save Rs 43,000
  • Aging stallion i10, will also get you a similar deal, with a saving of Rs 42,500
  • Grand i10 allows you to save Rs 14,000 on the petrol version and Rs 44,000 on the diesel.
  • Compact sedan Xcent, gets you the chance to save up to Rs 15,000 on the petrol and Rs 48,000 on the diesel vartiant.
  • Buying the mid-size sedan offering from Hyundai, the Verna, which is due for a facelift soon, gives you the chance to save Rs 43,000 on the petrol and Rs 69,000 on the diesel.
  • Elantra is trying to enchant you with an attractive savings benefit of Rs 70,000.
  • Sonata gets you the chance to save the most, Rs 1,60,000.

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