OFFERS: Get Discounts of upto Rs 10 Lakhs on Mercedes, Audi, BMW Cars

We just witnessed car makers went berserk with huge discounts, benefits and new launches during the festive season we left behind just a while back. Now,with the New Year approaching fast we see that luxury car makers are offering some fantastic luring offers again!

Economic Times reports that you can get upto  15 percent off on German Luxury Car makers like Audi, Mercedes and BMW and that equates to a jaw dropping 10 Lakh! for some models. This is mainly attributed to slow single-digit growth of these companies, compared to 30 per cent annual growth over the past five years.

Mercedes upcoming A-Class. Click on the pic to check exclusive spyshots.

Experts say that the dealers are in a hurry to clear up the inventory by the end of the year and selling the 2012 manufactured cars ASAP and this might even result in discounts rising further! Dealers are able to offer such huge discounts as they enjoy a big margin of 8 – 9 per cent on all cars sold. This has enabled then to offer more than 10 per cent discount on outgoing cars like existing BMW X1 and Mercedes Benz petrol cars.

Audi India head Mr. Michael Perschke says: “We are offering discounts of 3-5 per cent, or Rs 1-2.5 lakh, plus benefits of extended warranty, free insurance, etc, for our brand, but it is much higher for the other two brands, which are under tremendous volume pressure to attain targets”.


But he also admits that some of the Audi dealers might be offering higher discounts on some models, but that would be because of inventory pile-up.

Economic Times reports that though, Mercedes declined to comment on discounts on its cars, Mercedes dealers are also offering huge discounts varying between Rs. 1.5 Lakh and 3 Lakh on the C Class line-up; Rs. 4 – 6 Lakh on the E Class and approx 8 Lakh on the S Class line-up.


Offers are also lined up for BMW cars. Though the company says that they are solely offered by its dealers.

Whatever be the reason – be it company discounts or dealer offered discounts, the sums mentioned above are considerable even if we consider high priced cars these manufacturers sell. In the end, you as a customer pay less and that is all that should matter. Rejoice!


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Source: Economic Times

Arghya Pan

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