Official: Its the Ford Figo Celebration Edition Launch on 4th March; & Ecosport’s Wait Continues!

Ford has pulled up a quick surprise by sharing an invite with the media. An invite with the heading “Ford India Invite | 4th March 2013” had us believe, for an instant, that Ecosport is indeed launching on the speculated date.

Only after we clicked on ‘Show Images’ inside the email we got to know the actuality and our Facebook readers were the first ones to know about it. So, the truth is that Ford India is indeed launching a car on the 4th of March but that is NOT the anticipated and speculated Ecosport.

The New Ford Figo Facelift

Ford is celebrating the third anniversary of Figo in India and they will launch a ‘Figo Celebration Edition’ to celebrate the same. Since, this was a well kept secret, no one knows what additional features will the Figo Celebration Edition come along with. However, there is a teaser which reads, “Everything you loved about the Figo now Comes With a Special Touch!


An educated guess could be the introduction of an in-car communication and entertainment system with a touch screen. As is the norm, if this is true, the system is expected to include navigation features along with media facilities. This also takes us back when we shared with you the news of Ford planning to introduce an official after-market kit which will include Keyless Entry, Push Button Start among other useful features. (Details Here)

Will The Rear Windows Fall Down Completely?

The moment we talked about this at our Official Facebook page, a few readers had this query. If you also have this question if this new edition of Figo will include completely falling rear windows, then let us disappoint you by saying a plain NO!

Until Ford changes the design of the rear door/wheel arch, this is not possible. If you look at it carefully, the rear glass doesn’t have ample amount of room to go completely down as it gets obstructed by the rear wheel arches. And, for the same reason, nor do we expect the inclusion of rear power windows!

Anyways, its just a matter of a few days when we will get to know about the features of Figo Celebration Edition. MotorBash will be there to cover the event and if you have any specific questions do share them with us in the comments section below.

Meanwhile, Ecosport’s wait continues…

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