And the onslaught continues!! The first salvo was the sports tourer MPV B-Class in petrol followed by the stunning A-Class, huge GL Class and very recently the connoisseural stuff of E-Class. Now we have the luxury touring capabilities of the B-Class in diesel.

Oh yeah…you read it right and its coming very soon!! In an official communication, Mercedes-Benz has just dropped in the invite mailer into our inbox, informing us to set ourselves up for the glitzy unveiling of the new B-Class Diesel at a prominent hotel in Mumbai. The event proceedings will begin from 11:30 am onwards on the 11th of July, and they have promised the presence of a clutch of young and cool celebrities.


The B-Class will certainly be a matching entity, standing shoulder to shoulder with the promised young and cool celebrities who will grace the occasion. With snazzy headlamps and a muscular profile boasting of two distinctive bodyline creases, the B-Class possess style along with space. And it’s aimed at young families who lead an active lifestyle, certainly appearing to act as a perfect foil for their aspirations.

Mercedes-Benz expresses that a powerful diesel engine along with comfortable interiors will concoct up memorable rides, offering ultimate relaxation on distant journeys. The B-Class diesel will be powered by the same 2.2L diesel motor that propels the A-Class and produces 109 PS of power output and maximum torque of 250Nm.

We are looking forward to the new B-Class Diesel and will be present at the ground zero and share all what happens at the podium. Keep tuned to know the price and all the details.





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