Volvo V40 Cross Country

Its a war out there! All luxury manufacturers are trying to woe buyers by launching more affordable cars in their portfolio. 

Mercedes launched their Sports MPV, B-Class which started at a price point of as low as 21 Lacs. They are further going down the ladder and busy testing the still-more-affordable A-Class luxury hatch in India. Audi and BMW are also considering similar offerings for the Indian market.

Volvo V40 Cross Country

Now, the latest to enter this segment would be the Swedish manufacturer, Volvo which would launch V40 Cross Country crossover in India. This car would be brought by the CBU route and would be launched sometime in March next year.

Volvo is targeting a price tag of Rs 25 Lac and plans to launch a direct attack on BMW’s X1 and Audi’s Q3. V40 Cross Country is already available in the international market and makes a good prospect for a market like India. With this launch, Volvo has signaled that they are getting aggressive in the market and has set some real big targets set for themselves.


Volvo aims to beat all others to become the numero uno luxury manufacturer in India by the year 2020 and has plans to capture 15 percent of the Indian luxury car market by selling around 20,000 cars. Further, the Swedish manufacturer which is known for their bullet-proof safety, wants to take this figure to 30,000 units in 2025.

In the future, Volvo might also setup a plant in India but a final decision would be taken by the company collectively. Volvo would start with their China plant operations by next year. Things are hotting up in the Indian luxury car space and if you are considering buying one, wait a while before you have plethora of options to chose from.


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Source: Economic Times




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