Old Swift vs New Swift Refresh: Price Comparo

With the launch of every new car, be it a completely new model or a simple facelift or a refresh, everyone is curious to know how much has the price changed as compared to the outgoing model.

Same is the case with the new Swift and here we list the price comparison of both the old and new Swift for you.



The old Swift ranged from Rs 4.42 lakhs to Rs 5.66 lakhs for the petrol version and Rs 5.46 lakhs to Rs 6.71 lakhs for the diesel. The new one does not show any radical increase and in addition comes equipped with a host of interesting and handy features.

Price Comparo: Old vs New Swift

Variant Old Swift New Swift Difference
Swift Lxi 4.42 4.42 0
Swift Lxi (O) NA 4.49
Swift VXi 4.91 5.08 17,000
Swift Zxi 5.66 5.9 24,000
Swift Ldi 5.46 5.56 10,000
Swift Vdi 5.79 5.99 20,000
Swift Zdi 6.71 6.95 24,000
    *All prices listed above ex-showroom Delhi

Key Pointers

  • The minimum price increase is Rs 0 and the maximum price increment is Rs 24,000 on the ex-showroom prices.
  • The entry price ie the LXi model prices remain unchanged at Rs 4.42 lakhs. However, Maruti has also introduced a new LXi (O) variant just above the regular LXi which is just Rs 7000 costlier.
  • However, the entry diesel variant LDi has got costlier by Rs 10,000.
  • The VXi breaks the psychological 5 lakhs barrier and is priced Rs 17,000 more than the old Swift VXi. The largest selling VDi variant also gets an increment if Rs 20,000 and is priced smartly at Rs 5.99 Lakhs.
  • The top of the line ZXi and ZDi get dearer by Rs 24,000 each but they also come with new features such as push button start, keyless entry, bluetooth controls on the steering etc.

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