Older Pajero SFX to be Discontinued in 4 Months

With the launch of Pajero Sports in March this year, many people were skeptic about the continuation of the old workhorse, Pajero SFX. And here is this news which confirms that Mitsubishi would soon discontinue this model to give more air to the newer sports model.

Pajero SFX to be discontinued


Pajero SFX is expected to get phased out somewhere around September-October this year. This SUV with true off-roading capabilities had a strong fan following and people still regarded it as one of the cult SUV’s to own. But the latest launch Pajero Sports is trendier, more contemporary and modern and to prevent any cannibalization to the product the old legend has to bow out. Mitsubishi also plans to localize Pajero Sports to improve upon supply issues as well as profits.



Saad Khan

Editor MotorBash


Source: Times Of India

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