Our Coverage on Budget 2012 And Its Impact on the Auto Sector

We covered the Budget 2012’s impact on the Auto Sector and what could impact you as a consumer. Here is a compilation of all the articles.


1. No Extra Tax on Diesel – Rejoice!

Everyone welcomed this decision of the government of not raising or levying extra duty on diesel-run vehicles.

2. Excise Duty Increased

After the good news on diesel, everyone was taken back by the governments decision to increase excise duty across all cars. This directly means an increase in the selling price of all cars in the market. See how much has it increased for the car you are eyeing.

3. Prices of All Cars To Increase

Following the tax increase on cars as well as steel, we present a list of how much could the increment be on a few individual cars and manufacturers.

4. Budget and Its After Maths

Few more words of information about the budget.

5. Reactions From Automobile Manufacturers

See how the automobile manufacturers reacted to the union budget 2012. Some words of praise and then some not so!

6. Get Your Maruti Car on Pre-Budget Prices

Then there was some good news for us. For people who are eyeing Maruti cars, they can get their cars on pre-budget prices ie without any increase.


If there is any further related info, we would try to publish that to keep you informed. Thanks for reading our coverage.

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