Petrol Price Reduction & Diesel Price Hike Planned This Week

A news that might put a further dampener on all people planning to buy diesel cars, Government PSUs plan to hike the prices of diesel by Rs 0.40-0.50. 

This is according to the plans of raising diesel prices in parts every month till the Rs 11 per liter losses are compensated for according to Economic Times. However, a relief is expected in the form of a price reduction on Petrol.

Diesel fuel MotorBash

Due to softening prices of international oil, prices of petrol might be reduces by Re 1. This drop in petrol prices will come after two subsequent hikes in last months. These revisions are expected to be announced by tomorrow and might go effective from midnight tomorrow.

This brings us to an interesting position when the price difference on both the fuels is coming closer and might just be able to save the falling petrol car sales. Expect further similar quantity hikes in diesel prices in the coming months where petrol prices can not be predicted at any instant.

But, with the reduced gap, which fuel-powered car will you go for?


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