Ford celebrated a manufacturing milestone of 2 million EcoBoost engine roll out from its production lines. The milestone unit was a 2.0-liter unit produced at Ford’s Louisville, Kentucky, plant and it will power a Ford Escape.

EcoBoost engine is a family of turbocharged, direct injected petrol engines produced by the Ford Motor Company and co-developed by FEV engineering. Engines equipped with EcoBoost technology achieve better fuel efficiency and reduced greenhouse emissions which Ford claims are approximately 20% and 15% reduced respectively compared to the regular engines.


EcoBoost engine line up comes in 1.0-liter 3-cylinder unit that was introduced in India in the EcoSport, 1.5-liter, 1.6-liter and 2.0-liter four cylinder engines and the powerful 3.5-liter V6. The 1.0L 3-cylinder engine is famous for winning the International Engine of the Year in and will find more application in India.

Ford introduced the EcoBoost engine in 2009; From then on the engine has seen a constant rise in popularity. Ford now produces an average of 100,000 EcoBoost units every month. The models with EcoBoost have seen good market acceptance and Ford’s research data has shown that people aware of EcoBoost technology were more likely choose Ford.

With the growing popularity of EcoBoost, Ford is set to employ EcoBoost in 80% of its global models by 2013 and increase the production to 1.2 million units by this year itself.


Here is a peek in to customer preference for EcoBoost engines in Ford models:

In Asia Pacific-

  • · 95 percent of Kuga, 90 percent of Edge, 62 percent of Mondeo owners chose Ecoboost engines.

In Europe-

  • · The 1.0L 3-Cylinder unit is chosen by 43 per cent of B-MAX, 32 percent of Focus, 26 per cent of Fiesta; and 24 percent of C-MAX and Grand C-MAX customers.

In North America- 

  • The popularity of EcoBoost in North America is reflected in high take rates on key models:
  • · 90 percent of Ford Escape, 50 percent of Fusion, 42 percent of F-150 trucks are purchased with the EcoBoost engines.

Ford projects a steady rise the sales of models with the EcoBoost engines in coming years. Ford reported that Chinese demand of EcoBoost engine has risen by 189 percent and a 202 percent increase in the Asia Pacific region in 2013. This upward trend in favor of EcoBoost engines has prompted Ford to double its EcoBoot engine production at Cologne, Germany.

EcoSport’s Ecoboost’s torque curver

Changan Ford engine plant in Chongqing, China, which opened in June, will also soon become hub of production of 1.0L 3-cylinder unit.

The Ecoboost engine in Ecosport has been selling well in India as well. The economical and powerful 1.0L engine is ideal for Indian conditions. The 2014 Ford Fiesta is on the horizon and disappointingly initial reports point that it may not the EcoBoost Engine. The next application of EcoBoost we will see will be the Next-Gen Figo sometime in 2015. If Ford decides to surprise us before that, we would not bother 😉

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– by Saravana Priyan




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