Presenting Muscle in Err.. Pink! A Pink Hummer H2 Spotted!

How would Johny Bravo look in a pure pink t-shirt? Or let’s relate to our Indian automobile context. How would the recently launched Mercedes G63 look in girlie pink?


And then how would the mighty muscular Hummer look in feminine pink? For the initial two, we do not have specimens, but for the latter we do have a few pics. Pictured here is a pure pink (I am just trying to get adjectives for Pink) colored Hummer H2 shot somewhere in Shanghai, China.

If the body color could not fill the appetite, even the alloy wheels are a similar shade of pink! Any guesses who could be the owner, not the name, but the gender?


This makes me wonder what will happen if manufacturers in India start offering big SUVs in a similar kinky shade of Pink. Imagine a pink colored Fortuner trying to tailgate you!


Pics: Carnewschina

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