Price Analysis: Renault Has Increased 1 Lakh on Duster in 9 Months! Current On-Road Prices

So the biggest blockbuster launch for last year was easily Renault’s Duster. The compact SUV that made sweeping waves across the nation is still one of the largest sellers in its segment. 

Renault launched Duster on 4th July 2012 at a price of Rs 8.05 Lakh ex-showroom Pune for the base diesel variant. The price spawned across to Rs 11.4 Lakhs for the top of the line RXZ with optional pack. Despite a higher-then-deserving price tag, Duster sells around 4000-5000 units per month.

There have been various price hike announcements by the company which were attributed to rising costs and other varied reasons. But, today we reveal before you, how much has the actual ex-showroom and on-road price of Duster increased vis-a-vis its launch price.

Duster D-Cross Concept. Click on the image to know more about it. Pic: Carscoops
Duster has gone dearer by almost a lakh on the ex-showroom price and that has resulted in a price increase of over a lakh on the final on-road prices. So, the Duster 110 RXZ Option which was available at Rs 13.27 Lakhs is now priced at a whooping Rs 14.37 Lakhs! This is an increment of 8 percent ie Rs 1.10 Lakh on the total cost of the car.

Even if you look at the base variant, Duster 85 RXE which was available at Rs 9.3 Lakhs initially is priced at Rs 10 Lakhs on-road now. Whatever be the reasons, but this is a true reflection of what lack of good competition and successful products bring to the table – insane price revisions to bank upon the hype! A detailed price comparison along with current on-road Pune prices are listed in the table below.

However, this grand run of Duster is expected to be cut short by the upcoming competition. The two biggest assaults we see are – Ford EcoSport and Mahindra S101.

Do you think Duster is appropriately priced?

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On-Road Price Comparison of Renault Duster During launch and Current (All prices in Pune)
Duster Variant Ex-showroom (Launch) Current Ex-Showroom Increase On-Road Prices (Launch) Current On-Road Prices Increase % Increase
85 RXE 805525 866500 60975 930771 1002069 71298 8
85 RXL 907459 968500 61041 1047490 1118863 71373 7
85 RXL (Optional) 1009393 1090600 81207 1174303 1269579 95276 8
110 RXL 1009393 1070400 61007 1174303 1246247 71944 6
110 RXZ 1111326 1162300 50974 1292040 1352396 60356 5
110 RXZ (Optional) 1141906 1236119 94213 1327361 1437660 110299 8

Listed here are all the prices of Duster in Pune. Duster 85 RXL (optional) and Duster 110RXZ (optional) now come with a Media NAV – Touchscreen infotainment and navigation system.


5 thoughts on “Price Analysis: Renault Has Increased 1 Lakh on Duster in 9 Months! Current On-Road Prices”

  1. Great Info there! Current prices are just insane. Introductory price gimmick is working well. Seems to be perfect strategy for Indian market.

    Will Ford price ecosport well enough? Looking at new fiesta experiance Ford must set “INTRODUCTORY” prices for EcoSport as well.

    S101 is still has long way to go in development. Mahindra is known to have lethargic approach in development efforts.

  2. Well as they say, Make hay while the sun shines. Renault is doing exactly that. But if the sale crashes because of competition, then reducing prices is not going to do good to the brand. We have to wait and watch. Mahindra will hopefully launch S101 in Auto expo next year. Its only Ecosport which can spoil the party for Renault.


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