Price Comparo: New vs Old Maruti Dzire; Prices Increase by 25,000!

The launch of a new facelift or refresh of a car is generally accompanied by a price increase, obviously along with all those betterments and feature additions (sometimes deletions!). Recently, Maruti introduced the facelifted Dzire and let us have a look at a price comparison of the new car with the outgoing version.

Price Comparison: Old vs New Dzire

Price Comparo New Dzire vs Old Dzire

Let us list a few quick pointers we notice here…

  • Base petrol has received the minimum price increment of about Rs 5000, while it has almost been nil on the base LDi diesel variant. This is because both these variants have not received any significant feature additions.
  • Maruti has introduced a new LXi(O) variant in the lineup, which was not present earlier.
  • The increase in the mid VXi variant of petrol is about Rs 21,000 while the top of the line gets the highest price increase of Rs 25000.
  • The price increment on the mid-variant Diesel is Rs 10,000 (lower than VXi) while the same for the top ZDi is Rs 22,000!


The price increase on petrol variants is higher than the respective diesel variants of the new Dzire and this may be because of the decrease in demand for diesel cars due to the reducing price gap in petrol and diesel fuels.

We are compiling a price comparison report of the new Dzire with its competition which will give you a clearer picture of where does the 2015 Dzire stand against its rivals, after this hike in prices. Keep tuned!

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