Tata Nano has been beleaguered by dismal sales figures, and even the new Nano Twist has been unable to change its fortunes much. The company is, therefore, trying hard to seek attention by using some off beat marketing techniques.

The desire to travel has been paramount among the youth and Tata Nano in collaboration with MTV India has launched a platform to provide people the ‘fun’ of wandering and while doing so also fight a contest.

MTV-Nano-Drive-3 (2)

The Nano Drive, now in its third season is India’s most social road trip and involves audiences through social platforms to decide the course of the entire trip from the contestants to the destinations to the tasks that they will execute. Four teams will be selected and will start their journey from specific points in the four zones, Jaipur for North, Siliguri for East, Chennai for South and Goa for West.

The teams will drive through their respective zones exploring unheard of locations for 21 days and will be allotted a shoestring budget to plan everything which pushes the teams to tap into their social media graphs for support.

MTV-Nano-Drive-3 (1)

Through the course of their expedition, teams will be required to overcome hurdles, perform tasks and earn social media points via social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vine and Pinterest. The entire journey will be showcased live on various social media platforms and on the MTV website. Every activity on the road and on the web will add to the teams’ points and at the end of the journey, the team with highest points will be the winners.

Entries have begun and you can also participate by registering yourself on this link. [Update: According to the website, bookings have closed on 19th May]

This year the Nano Drive is to be take the road not taken, trying to capture everyone’s hearts by including some unexplored and tough routes. The winning team, apart from all the name and fame, will be winning a Tata Nano for each member!





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