Renault Duster: All the Details You Wanted to Know – Specs,Colors,Variants,Features,Reviews and More

It’s so much flowing through the air and from different sources that it becomes clumsy in the end. We are talking about the information flow for Duster which is coming in bits and pieces every day. And looking at the interest of everyone towards Renault’s Duster, here is a compilation of all the details you would want to know about the car.

Renault Duster


Engine Options:


1.6L, in-line 4 cylinder produces 102.5bhp at 5850rpm and 14.8kgm of torque at 3750rpm. This will come mated to a 5 speed gearbox.

Diesel:Will be offered in 2 tunes:

  1. 1.5L DCi engine, 110PS, variable geometry turbocharger and intercooler. Produces 25.3kgm of torque at 2250rpm. Gets a 6 speed manual gearbox.
  2. 1.5L DCi engine, 85PS, 24.4kgm of torque, 5-speed manual gearbox



  • Length: 4315mm
  • Width : 1822mm
  • Height: 1695mm
  • Wheelbase: 2673mm
  • Boot volume: 475liters
  • Ground Clearance: 210mm


Variants, Respective Features & Options (Sourced from

Duster’s trims would be called as RxE, RxL,RxZ (in order of their offerings)

Duster Diesel 85PS would be available in RxE and RxL trims (notice no top-of the line RxZ)

Duster Diesel 110PS would be available in RxL and RxZ trims (notice no lowest trim RxE)

Duster Petrol will be offered in RxE and RxL trims


Here are the features of each trim: Click open the image in a new window to read clearly.

duster specs


Duster’s Reviews from prominent sources:

Excerpts from various prominent sources who have driven the SUV. Click on the publication name to navigate to the complete review by respective publication.

AutoCar’s review:

  • The compact SUV looks larger than actual 4.3meters
  • In reality Duster looks like a distinctive SUV and has a good road presence
  • Interiors do not exude premium feel. Plastic looks cheap.
  • But interiors are very practical
  • Rear seat is fantastic and offers really good overall body support.
  • Ample amount of knee roam, headroom and space
  • Fantastic air-conditioning
  • Higher tune 110PS engine has a fair bit of turbo lag. For this engine, the car feels best between 2000-4000 rpm.
  • 20-80kmph in 3rd gear took 11.01 seconds. 40-100 kmph in 4th gear took 11.92 seconds.
  • 6 gears, wide powerband makes this a lovely highway tool.
  • Lower tuned 85PS engine is very well suited to city drives and pumps power from very low revs.
  • Suspension, handling and chasis work very well together.
  • Braking is fair.


ZigWheel’s Review:

  • Looks impressive and SUV like
  •  ‘Well-appointed’ interior but plastic job too much and plastic quality not upto the mark.
  • Renault has enhanced interiors on the Indian version.
  • Comfortable and spacious interior, front is decent, rear is pretty good
  • Rear AC vent is problematic for the center passenger’s space.
  • Rear folding 60:40 split seats help increase space
  • Rear AC vent is India specific and is a proper AC vent rather than being a simple air blower.
  • Diesel clatter is obvious but not loud.
  • The 110PS variant is sprightly and reaches 100 quickly
  • Low-end decent
  • The 85PS diesel is louder, has a linear power delivery but lack of power evident at higher revs/speeds.
  • Ride quality comparable to some mid-sized sedans and inspiring around corners.
  • Duster doesn’t nosedive under hard braking
  • Renault aims to get 80% localization for Duster.


BS Motoring Review:

  • Doesn’t look pretty but boasts of SUV looks
  • The Interior quality decent
  • Dials similar to Logan
  • Good space inside – legroom, headroom and knee room. Little lesser thigh-support for rear passengers
  • The 110PS diesel is strikingly refined. NVH levels down.
  • Duster is quicker than even XUV5OO
  • Gear ratios cleverly selected mask the turbo-lag well
  • This engine could be driven at 55kmph in 6th gear.
  • 85PS engine nimble, but slower and less refined
  • NVH levels for this engine are also higher
  • Ride and handling pretty good, body roll minimal, 16 inch tyres stack up pretty well.
  • Steering feel is decent.
  • Ride quality is this car’s forte


OverDrive Review:

  • Duster’s cabin is well insulated and in fact one of the quieter cabins in this segment.
  • Gearshift, engine clatter well improved.
  • Gearshifts a little longer in throw
  • 110PS engine impressive with a good spread of torque.
  • 85PS version impresses with its wide torque band but lack of power evident.
  • Handling much better than competition, minimal body-roll.
  • Indian versioned Duster has improved interiors.
  • Plastic quality gets overshadowed by beige and black interiors.
  • Power window switches go to their place on doors
  • Mirror adjustment is placed near the brake lever.
  • Steering mounted audio controls placed behind the steering wheel.
  • Rear AC vent a welcome addition.
  • Duster is spacious. 4 person can sit comfortable, 5th can be accommodated easily.



So far we have seen 5 colors for the Indian Duster – Brown, White, Maroon, Grey and silver.


We have already shared with you that Renault would be launching Duster on 4th July.


The only thing that remains a secret now is the price. According to talks in the tinsel town, Duster would be priced around 7 lakh for the base petrol variant and around 12 lakh for the top-end Diesel variant.


Meanwhile, do have a look at Renault’s Indian website, there is a nice promotion they are airing.

You can also check a quick picture gallery of Duster we have posted earlier.

And if you want to see Duster off-roading we have a compilation of 5 videos just for you in our Duster off-roading video’s article.


Update: Renault Duster has been launched. Check all the details and on-road prices of Renault Duster by clicking on this link


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