Renault has launched the Duster AWD today at INR 11.89 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). As speculated, the vehicle comes only in 110 PS form, however, Renault has been kind enough to introduce the new Duster in two variants to suit more pockets.

That is a nice move indeed as compared to just having one fully-loaded top-end version that would have ‘appeared’ quite expensive than the top-end 2WD version otherwise.

Renault DUSTER AWD Launch

New Duster AWD Prices:

  • Duster 110 AWD RxZ: Rs 12.99 Lakh
  • Duster 110 AWD RxL: Rs 11.89 Lakh

The top-of-the line Duster AWD RxZ will be yours for INR 12.99 lakh whereas the AWD RxL at INR 11.89 is two thousand rupees cheaper than the fully loaded 2WD Duster, the 110 PS RxZ Option Pack. Therefore, let’s first see what you miss and what you get in the AWD RxL as compared to the top-end 2WD Duster.


What you don’t get in AWD RxL:

  • Dual Front Airbags: You get only one for the driver which is a shame and Renault should not have skimped on it.
  • Reverse Parking Sensors: With excellent all-around visibility, I couldn’t care less about this one.
  • Alloy Wheels: What?! Really Renault India? You have given steel wheels in a car that would cost well beyond INR 13 lakh on-road!
  • Navigation System: We all have smartphones now, don’t we?
  • Smoky Headlamps: Thank you, I prefer the non-gimmicky ones any day.


What you get in the AWD RxL that you DON’T in the top 2WD Duster:

  • Hill Start Assist: No more daft handbrake-clutch-throttle synchronisation needed on inclines. The vehicle will not roll backwards and take off that Alto’s bumper or your’s if there is a truck behind you…
  • ESP+ASR+Understeer Control: What this means, in short, is that the Electronic Stability Control system in conjunction with Anti Slip Regulation will continuously strive to keep the vehicle’s right side up!
  • Cruise Control: Self-explanatory, as are the rest of the features mentioned below.
  • External Temperature Display
  • One touch Turn Indicator
  • Gear Shift Indicator
  • Speed Sensitive Auto Locking
  • Rapid Deceleration warning
  • New 3-spoke Steering Wheel
  • Three-dial Techno Sporty Instrument Cluster


As you can see, it makes more sense to choose the Duster AWD RxL over the top-end 2WD variant. And if you spend around a lakh more you can have the fully-loaded Duster AWD RxZ which will get you that second airbag and all other goodies of the top-end 2WD version, and more!


Duster AWD Color Options:

Renault is making the Duster AWD available in six colors options:

  1. Amazon Green
  2. Metallic Woodland Brown
  3. Pearl Galaxy Black
  4. Pearl Supreme White
  5. Metallic Graphite Grey
  6. Metallic Moonlight Silver

Duster AWD Brochure:

Click on the following pic to open Duster AWD’s brochure in PDF. Please note it is about 6MB so it may take time to download.


Duster AWD Engine:

There are no major changes to the engine and gearbox, but the engine remapping now has the power peaking at 4,000 rpm as against the 3,900 rpm of the 2WD 110 PS version. Also, the new torque figures stand at 245Nm at 1,750 rpm while the 2WD variant produces 248 Nm at 2,250 rpm.

Moreover, the ground clearance of the Duster has gone up by five mm in the AWD model – it’s 210 mm now. It continues with the 2+2 years of warranty applicable for 80,000kms. We had already told you about the Duster’s 4×4 (or the AWD) system earlier here and we’ll certainly tell you more about it, and the vehicle overall, as and when Renault India gives us one for a road (and off-road) test. So stay tuned!

**All prices mentioned are ex-showroom, Delhi**

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