Renault Duster Coming Early July: India Drive Report Pours In

Amidst all this hype and talk of one of the most awaited compact SUV in the country, Renault Duster, the company would be launching it during early July.

Renault Duster

In its mailers and replies, Renault says that the car would be launched during the early weeks (probably 1st week) of July. Nonetheless, a few days here and there are not a concern, but we are more interested in the prices of the car. Renault has a lovely chance to strike with a boom since none of their products in India have been able to strike a chord big time till now.

Meanwhile, Overdrive has published a first Drive Report of Duster which would be launched in India. Here are the main points:

  • Along with a petrol model, there would be 2 diesel engine options – 85PS and top-of-the line 110PS
  • The overall car is quieter with less clatter from the engine at idle and noise at speeds.
  • The gearshift throw is long but improved.
  • Torque band is wide and very drive-friendly.
  • 85PS version also has a wide torque band but power feels a little low.
  • Assuring handling with lesser body roll.
  • The most important bit- interiors have been spruced up for the Indian variant.
  • Beige and black interior tones looks good
  • Plastic quality not really good
  • Power windows are now fitted at their correct place – doors
  • Mirror adjuster is placed near the hand brake.
  • Steering-mounted controls placed behind the steering wheel towards the right side.
  • Rear seat also gets an AC
  • The compact SUV is spacious with good space for 4 and 5th can also tuck in without much bother.


Renault Duster

Variants & Models:

  1. Petrol Model : Base + middle variant
  2. 85PS Diesel model: Base + Middle + Option pack
  3. 110PS Diesel model : Middle + Top + (Option pack)

You can read all the equipment list on respective variants in our previously published article.



The current word out there is that Duster might be priced between 7.5 lakh to 11 lakh, obviously starting with petrol and going to 110PS diesel. This puts it directly in contention with proper big-built SUV’s like Scorpio and Safari. With an ambitious selling plan Renault might want to consider placing them a lakh lesser than what is being talked around. At an entry 6 lakh for petrol and 7 lakh for diesel, Duster makes a compelling buy.

Duster seems to be a product which has a lot of potential and if backed by a good pricing strategy, it could give Renault that market which the company should be desperately looking out for. Meanwhile, watch the Duster doing some hardcore off-roading in our earlier articles.


Taken from Drive Report by OverDrive


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