Renault Duster Launches Today at 12 Noon.Keep Tuned – Now Launched at 7.19 Lakh

Update: Check all the details and on-road prices of Renault Duster by clicking on this link



  • RxE: 7.19 Lakh
  • RxL: 8.19 Lakh

Diesel 85 PS:

  • RxE: 7.99 Lakh
  • RxL Diesel: 8.99 Lakh
  • RxL Diesel Pack: 9.99 Lakh


  • Rxl Diesel: 9.99 Lakh
  • RxZ Diesel: 10.99 Lakh
  • RxZ Diesel pack: 11.29 Lakh


Update 5: Claimed Fuel Efficiency

Petrol engine : 13.24 kmpl

85PS Diesel: 20.45 kmpl

110PS: 19.01 kmpl

Update 4: 55 Showrooms, 100 planned

Update 3: Interior Options-

  1. Premium Leather Seats
  2.  3D Embossed Fabric Seats
  3. Trendy Beige Fabric Seats
  4. Classic Black Fabric Seats

Update 2:Color Options –

  1. Metallic Woodland Brown
  2. Metallic Fiery Red,
  3. Pearl Supreme White
  4. Metallic Moonlight Silver
  5. Pearl Galaxy Black
  6. Metallic Graphite Grey


Update 1: Renault has updated its website with specs and variants on Duster. Here are the variants from its site

  1. Petrol RXE , 104PS, 145Nm
  2. Diesel 85- 85ps, 200Nm
  3. Petrol RXL : 102PS, 145Nm
  4. Diesel rxl 110 PS: 110ps, 248Nm
  5. Diesel rxz 110: 110ps, 248 Nm


Renault Duster would be launched today and the launch proceedings would start at around 12 noon. We would be trying to bring in live updates as they happen and would update this article accordingly.

Till that time, you can do two things:

First, play the guesstimate game on the price of Duster by casting your opinion below and lets see who gets closest to the official price.

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Second, you can watch these videos of Duster’s off-roading trails and get refreshed!

Wanna See the Duster Go Off-Road, Here We Go! 5 Renault Duster Off-Roading Videos


2 thoughts on “Renault Duster Launches Today at 12 Noon.Keep Tuned – Now Launched at 7.19 Lakh”

  1. You guys are doing a pretty good job…updating the things on the go..
    Checked the Renault site…& I found the updates here first & reflected on their site later on…

    *Got some insider guy 😉

  2. They have to provide value. Interiors aren’t that great from the pics i saw online. The Tata Safari Storme is much bigger & looks better than the Duster. Also its is from the house of Tata ought to be good. I am waiting for the launch of the New Tata Safari Storme. Patience is the key.


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