New Duster Price Comparison with old and variant rejig in pointers

Duster has been the breadwinner for Renault India for a long time now. However, oncoming of Creta has spoilt the game and the compact SUV game has moved much ahead of the French manufacturer. To deal with this Renault recently launched the Duster facelift which comes with a lot of changes along with the new 6 speed Automated Manual Transmission (which Renault calls Easy R) – a segment first!

Apart from this, the company has also rejigged its variant lineup at the same time making some changes to the prices as well. Here we present to you these details in quick pointers…

  • The entry level petrol variant has become expensive by Rs 16,000 whereas the other trim RXL has seen a slide of Rs 20,000.
  • They have introduced a new entry level 85 PS variant called as “STD”which costs¬†exactly the same as the petrol RXL. This also means that the entry Duster now costs Rs 20,000 more now!
  • The 85 PS RXE variant, which is NOT the entry variant any more, gets the maximum increment of Rs 40,000!
  • The 85 PS RXL trim gets a price increment of Rs 17,000.
  • There is no RXL (O) trim in the 85 PS versions and in place, Renault has introduced two new variants – RXS and RXZ (which is the new top end in the 85 PS series).
  • The entry price for the 110 PS RXL has been reduced by Rs 4000 now.
  • There is no RXZ+ and RXZ (O) trims in the 110 PS now and they have been replaced by the RXZ variant.
  • The all-wheel drive version (AWD) continues to be offered only in the 110 PS RXZ trim and experiences a minor raise of Rs 2,000.
  • Apart from these changes, Renault has introduced the AMT version also in the 110 PS trim only and it is offered on the RXL and top RXZ variants and have been priced at Rs 60,000 over the corresponding manual gearbox versions.
  • In essence, RXZ is the top variant and there is no RXZ+ or RXZ(O) variant now in any of the versions. In fact, there is no + or O variant anywhere in the complete variant lineup!

Here are the changes and price comparison of the older Duster with the new one in a sheet…


Renault Duster: Old vs New – Price Comparison

New Duster vs Old Duster Price Comparison

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Will the new Duster be able to grab back its market share from Creta? Will Renault strike back again…?




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