An Initial Quality Study (IQS) conducted by J.D. Power Asia Pacific for the year 2013 has recognized Renault Duster for its overall quality. The study ranked the popular compact SUV Duster second for its quality among a competing bevy of 15 SUVs.

Sharing the information with us, Renault India added that Duster has become the most awarded car in the country by securing 29 awards, including The Car of the Year and the TNS ‘Voice of Customer’ award for highest customer satisfaction in its segment.

This is the Dacia Duster Facelift. Click pic for more images
The J.D. Power Asia Pacific Study covered the period between November 2012 to July 2013 and encompassed various quality segments like engine and transmission, vehicle exterior, driving experience, seats and navigation. Yes, since there is no mention of interiors, we believe it was not a parameter else Duster would have taken a big hit because of its drab interiors.

Thanking Team Renault, Marc Nassif, Managing Director, Renault India said that this recognition to Duster is a credit to the efforts the whole team has put up. J.D. Power IQS is regarded as a true measure of a cars success considering that this is a customer-determined system based on their ownership experiences with the car.

How About this Duster Detour..? Click pic for more images and details

Despite facing a vigorous competition, Duster has been managing to do well and has undoubtedly proven itself nothing less than a savoir for its once struggling parent company. But there is an obvious fall in its sales and the car that was once booked for months altogether, is available off the shelf (at most places) along with discounts or benefits of upto Rs 60,000.

In the coming months, Renault has indicated that they are planning to launch newer variants of Duster. There are big chances that the Duster facelift is coming to our shores sometime during mid 2014.

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