The Renault Kwid has been one of the biggest success stories for the Indian automotive industry during the past few years. A 98 percent localisation is not a move which many take the pain of achieving for a new car. The move has certainly paid off for the French car maker and the car has gone past the 10k mark!

In fact, the number stood at 10,719 units for the month of August 2016! The company has recently also launched a 1.0-litre version of the Kwid which would have also boosted the sales volume to an extent. While the pricing for the 0.8-litre version has been kept highly competitive, the 1.0-litre trims too are incredibly affordable. Available only in the RXT variant, it gets a price bump of only Rs 22,000.

Renault Kwid 1.0 litre front

With the 51 percent of the sales so far belonging to folks in the 26-35 age group, the car has been a hit amongst youngsters. Also, 21 percent of the total sales have been centred around people who look for a replacement car. 29 percent of the sales have gone to the additional car buyer. Most of the sales, that is, 50 percent, have been amongst first time buyers. In comparison, Maruti managed to sell just 20,919 in the month of August 2016. In the same month last year, the number stood at 23,017!


Yes, not only has the segment grown but the Kwid has also eaten up Alto’s sales. Isn’t that something?



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