Renault Launches Pulse Voyage Edition; Voyage…Will You?

Here is something for the Renault brand fans!

After Duster’s Anniversary Edition, Renault India has introduced a special edition Pulse called the Voyage Edition. The Pulse hatchback is a derivative of Micra and has always been a better looker and with this special edition it comes with some real good perks.

I especially like the touch screen navigator and speakers from the brand FOCAL that the Voyage Edition comes equipped with. Focal-JMlab is a French company that manufactures acoustic loudspeakers and high-fidelity sound systems for cars and homes.


There is no press release that we have received and all this information comes from the official site. With this special edition, you get ‘Pulse Voyage Pack’ worth Rs. 58,000 and 2 years of free insurance worth Rs. 35,000. The warranty for this special edition has been extended for an additional 2 years along with free roadside assistance for 4 Years.

Sounds good, isn’t it? What’s the catch then, you ask?

Here is. The Pulse Voyage pack is only applicable on the RxZ diesel variants. Besides, you will be expected to dish out an additional 6 grand over and above what you pay for the dual airbag version of Pulse diesel (6,87,900 ex-Delhi). Nonetheless, the offer taken in whole is a good bargain if you are stuck at Renault and prefer driving in the stop-and-go city traffic where Pulse’s 1.5L K9K diesel is a good performer!

The offer is open until the end of this year, so make haste and Voyage..! Will You..?

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– by Sufi

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