Renault Pushing to Launch Duster Facelift by Dec 2015 [Exclusive]

Duster comprises of majority of Renault’s Indian sales. There are several reasons behind its success the most important of which was the first mover advantage. While the EcoSport is often seen as its rival in the rest of the world, in India the Ford is sold a segment below thanks to the sub 4 meter subsidy.

The problem, as it had to be, is that with time many manufacturers have started making inroads into its territory and the end result is – falling sales of the very competent SUV. As we reported yesterday, July will see the launch of Creta and S-Cross which will directly gun for the Duster and it is obvious that the company is worried…

2014-Renault-Duster-Facelift-Pics (2)
The 2014 international Duster facelift. Will India get the same changes..?

In order to defend its stronghold, Renault is planning to launch the impending Duster facelift in India to bring it back in the reckoning. According to our sources,  the company is pushing hard for December this year but it appears to be a little difficult. If it slips, it should come within this financial year ie by March 2016.

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Not much is known at the moment regarding the changes, but there is a surety that it will continue with the same mechanicals and there will be cosmetic enhancements and feature additions. However, there is a possibility that Renault may consider including an automatic tyranny to further broaden its appeal, now that Creta is coming with one…

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