Renault Teases Duster Detour Concept Car; Looks Enticing!

Renault has provided a glimpse of its upcoming concept car, the Duster Detour. And a Detour  it is!!


It is a Detour from the current car. It has even tried to be a Detour from the current conventions and concepts. It has tried to break new ground. Well, will it succeed?? Let’s have a look…err, peek.

The Duster Detour will be unveiled at the Johannesburg International Motor Show on October 16. It has been sculpted in collaboration with a design studio in Johannesburg. Going by the way Renault has led us around the car, we feel it is an amalgamation of many identities. It sure will be a “spectacular show car”, as Renault has claimed. We can claim that, even by having a look at these tiny bits and pieces of the whole car.

The French automaker also suggests that it will be “a little Mad Max with a touch of the Terminator”, probably implying that it will be loaded with cutting-edge technology and will possess enough spunk to scare the wits out of the cronies from the original Mad Max flick.

This is the Duster D-Cross Concept. Pic Credit: Click on the image to know more
We also feel the Renault Duster Detour will pack in serious off-roading capabilities, as Renault has also stated about “some Dakar dust’n dirt”. The off-roading qualities can be weaned out from the name Duster Detour itself, inviting the driver to take a detour from the staid, paved motorways and kick up some serious dust.

Few things that we could make out from the teaser :

  • BumbleBee-inspired Orange exterior color
  • LED taillamps
  • Black five-spoke alloy wheels with orange accents
  • Revised headlamps
  • New set of fog lights mounted under the front grille

Don’t you feel Renault should seriously start exploring opportunities for the Duster Detour in the Indian market?? We are enticed.  🙂

Source – Autoevolution

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