Renault’s Auto Expo Lineup- Fluence, Duster and Koleos Facelift; A-Entry Hatch World Premiere?

Renault India is contemplating the forthcoming Auto Expo as keenly as a cat would a plump duck. And the reason for that is aplenty. When the mighty Honda chose the humble India to debut its New City, one was touched, nay, honoured. It made plain business sense too.

Now it seems that the 115-year-old brainchild of Louis, Marcel, and Fernand Renault’s Renault S.A. is priming to premiere a global concept car during the homegrown Auto Exposition in a couple of weeks’ time. The Indian Auto Expo, by the way, is the second-largest motor show on the planet.

2014-Renault-Duster-Facelift-Pics (2)
Duster facelift. Click pic for all details

In an official communication, they have revealed that the company will showcase the following products at the Auto Expo:

  1. Worldwide premiere of a Renault concept car
  2. Two Product facelifts
  3. One product upgrade
  4. One brand new limited edition

The global concept car I was frothing about in the last para is apparently the Renault ‘A-Entry’, an entry level hatchback based on the Common Module Family-A (CMF-A) platform. It could be based on the Datsun’s concept car, sketch of which they have released just yesterday.

Besides plans to unveil the global concept car, Renault has 3 more rabbits inside its hat. A couple of cars from the company are going to have cosmetic surgeries which they are referring to as ‘facelifts’.

Renault_Fluence_Facelift (2)
Fluence facelift

One of them is the handsome Fluence. The sedan is slated for a facelift, and going by the spyshots we have the upcoming car will definitely be a looker. Renault would be tempted to kit up the new Fluence with a more powerful diesel motor. Renault has the manufactured-in-Chennai, 4th gen 1.5 liter K9K motor doing duties in Fluence diesels for now where it produces around 110PS with 240Nm.

The hugely successful Duster has already had a facelift and the vehicle was unveiled to the world during the Frankfurt Auto Show last year. It is possible that the other facelift Nissan is talking about here is the new Duster which is waited with a bated breath.

New Koleos

The premium crossover, Koleos, is lined up for a heart transplant and an update and it will be the other car that will gleam at Nissan’s stall at the Auto Expo. The New Koleos will get a more powerful 2.0L diesel engine and carries new grille and overall sportier design.

Renault is also said to have plans to come out with ‘special edition’ variant which we expect may be for one of the the only remaining cars – Pulse or Scala.

With all these developments and new models, the Renault stall at Greater Noida would be an interesting place to visit.

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