All New 2013 Range Rover (3)

The All New 2013 Range Rover has now been revealed and for the first time in past 42 years, with a huge change! The All New Range Rover is developed on an All Aluminium Monocoque Chassis that cuts off up to 420 Kilograms off the kerb weight and makes it 39 per cent lighter than the previous versions.

Unlike the previous Steel Frame, All Aluminium Frame and sub-frames that not only bring greater benefits in fuel economy, emissions, performance and agility, but also support newly designed, all-independent air suspension systems. the All Aluminium Body also reduces noise levels. According to the company, this new construction and design will “transform the experience for luxury vehicle customers, with a step change in comfort, refinement and handling” while the previous “essential, unique character” is retained.

The Jaguar XJ and XK models are already being built on the same platform and the upcoming higher models of JLR is supposed to built the same way.

The new Rover sports an increased wheelbase of about 100 mm that offers 120 mm more kneeroom at the rear seats. There are also changes in front and rear tracks; and all these makes the car more stable on every terrain. A revised version of the ‘Terrain Response 2 Auto’ system that reads on-road and off-road conditions and configures the car better for the prevailing conditions, will do its task more efficiently and quickly. Besides, features like the floating roof, the clamshell bonnet, the blacked-out pillars, the electrically assisted two-piece tailgate, the swage lines high on the sides and level with the door handles, and the prominent ‘Range Rover’ script on the bonnet are also there. There are new wraparound headlights and the grille is uniquely raked.

The New Interior Design has got inspiration from the current interior design of the Rover. A TFT Screen displays Tachometer and Speedometer functions along with all other essential functions. An integrated 8-Inch Screen is also the at the centre of the console.

The new Rover will be offered with three engine options. A 3.0-Litre V6 Diesel Engine, a 4.4-Litre V8 Diesel Engine and a 5.0-Litre Supercharged Group V8 Petrol Engine. All the engines will come with a standard 8-Speed ZF Automatic Transmission. No Manual Transmission will be there in the line-up. Also, a bunch of  enhanced chassis electronics like  Traction and Stability Control and safety systems like ABS will be on offer, thanks to the adoption of the new chassis and platform.

Customers will get to choose between a standard Three-Occupant Rear Bench Seat and a new Two-Seat Executive Layout versions. A Meridian Sound System is an added dimension of luxury. This car will make its debut in the Paris Motor Show in the month of September this year and will hit the production line by early next year. The starting Price Tag is expected to sport a figure around £70,000 (~61 Lac INR) and the top end variants could be priced around £120,000 (~ 1.5 Crore INR). The roads of UK will be the first to get these monsters and the rest of 160 market will follow.



Arghya Pan

Team MotorBash

News Source: AutoCar India




  1. 420 Kgs! Seriously?! That’s quite a hefty makeover.
    Not that there was much competition, but a lean, more efficient, swift and easy to handle RR with its “essential unique character” intact would surely be a machine to ace. Very nice article AP!


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