Revealed: Datsun Go Warranty, Service Intervals & Free Services [Owners Manual Scans]

Along with other features of the car, Datsun is promoting Go as a practical and easy on the pocket car. Though, in a candid chat Datsun’s officials revealed that they are not going to offer any specific service plans at the upfront, they may consider launching them later.

We went ahead a bit and tried to unearth the service intervals and the amount of free services that Go will have on offer. And here are owner’s manual scans of Datsun Go.

Here is the revelation, one by one:



Datsun will be providing Go with a warranty of 2 years and unlimited kilometres. Other companies provide an optional additional warranty for a maximum of two years. We believe Datsun will also have it on offer.


Free Services:

As you can see from the leaflet below, Datsun Go gets at least two free services. We believe there is another third service free coupon but since we do not have a proof of that let us not claim that here. First free service is NOT around the 1000kms as is the generic practice. It is mandated at 5000kms and 6 months, followed by the second one at 10,000kms or 12 months.


If there is a third free service, it should be mandated at 15,000kms or 18 months.

Service Intervals:

Go has relatively simpler service intervals of 6 months or 5000kms right from the word go. But for every subsequent 5k service we see only the Air Cleaner Filter needs to be cleaned (is Datsun playing it too safe?), however from the service verification record page here, it has to be documented. And according to the experiences we have had, service centres will definitely make merry of this intermediate interval.


Datsun will launch their Go on 19th of this month and that is when we will come to know about its much awaited prices. We are betting at a starting price tag of Rs 2.99 lacs. Keep tuned as we compare Go’s service intervals with Eon and Alto shortly.

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Datsun Go Owners Manual Scans:

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