REVEALED: Tata’s New 1.2L Turbo Petrol Power Specs & Engine Details

That Tata is developing a 1.2L turbocharged petrol engine for its new breed of cars is now well known and it is a point of real interest, let us admit!

However, what was not known really are more details of the approximate power outputs and other bits. has come to the rescue and has revealed quite a bit about the new engine and we wished they had delayed this a little!


The publication reports that Tata Motors’ all new 1.2 liter turbocharged petrol engine under development is being tuned for thrift rather than for muscle. The new engine, which will nestle under the bonnet of Tata’s new cars, will only generate about 80 bhp in all. How’s that for a dampener!

You develop a cutting edge gasoline engine, plonk a turbocharger into the equation and then you go about de-tuning it so that it doesn’t do what it is designed to do. Looks like the “kitna deti hai” crowd at Tata Motors have won another bout.

This new engine will make its debut on the new hatchback (Falcon 4, as it is being called for now) during the Auto Expo next month. Tata Nano, incidentally with Tata’s first all-new petrol engine, has not had the runaway success the company once hoped for, and understandably the company is now betting high on the new engines and platforms that are under development.

Here are more details on the turbo engine:

  • It is based on Xeta’s 1.2L cast iron cylinder block
  • Block has been modified for stiffness and balance along with a new head
  • It has gone through a weight shed
  • The engine will be launched with a 2-valve per cylinder configuration, however a 4-valve head is also under development, which will come later.
  • The TA65 gearbox has also gone through a comprehensive makeover for a better shift feel.
  • This engine will also give birth to bigger capacity motors in the future.

This new report suggests that Tata is focusing more on reducing fuel consumption and delivering better drive rather than outright performance.

2014-TataVista-Facelift (2)

One sincerely hopes that Tata doesn’t goof up again this time as it is almost a make or break for them. The prudent thing to do for them would be to introduce two engine tunes – one targeting economy, the other, raw power (obviously under the belief that the chassis is being worked upon to take the power).

We would say, we are still excited and expect Tata to do a good job after all the beating they have taken.

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