REVEALED: Technical Specifications of Datsun GO+ MPV; All the Makings of a Rs 4-Lakh 7-Seater!

Datsun’s 5+2 seater GO+ MPV now has its details and technical specifications unveiled. The data has been made available on Datsun Indonesia’s social media pages. 


The GO+ MPV is a stretched out version of the Datsun’s GO hatchback. GO+ shares many of its parts with the hatchback, only that it appears longer compared to the GO hatchback. Both the models are en-route to India in the next year, with the GO+ MPV closely following the upcoming launch of the GO hatchback.

According to the revealed data, the GO+ MPV will be powered by the 1.2 Litre, 3-Cylinder engine that does duty on parent company Nissan’s Micra Active. However, the engine will be slightly curtailed on the GO+ to belt out a lower power figure of 68 PS and a torque figure of 104 Nm. This has probably been done keeping in sight the fuel efficiency of the car. The GO+ will cater to a specific customer base where wringing out the chemical energy from the last drop of fuel makes immense sense.

This also reveals that Go hatchback will also get the same tune, most probably!


Other mentioned details are :

  • Length – 3,995 mm
  • Width – 1,635 mm
  • Height – 1,485 mm
  • Wheelbase – 2,450 mm
  • Kerb Weight – 794 kilograms 
  • BrakesVentilated Discs at front, Drums at rear

The first question that would have popped up in your mind would be – “How would such an underpowered car lug the weight of 7?”. But look at the weight of the MPV! It weighs in under 800kgs and this is where we feel Nissan would have tried to bring in the equilibrium.

Specifications chart clearly shows that seat belts have been provided in each row of seats. Cost-cutting has been done by refraining from the use of alloy wheels. We don’t see a lot of chrome on the car either. Another point worth mentioning about is the choice of transmission; though the specification lists only a manual tranny, there have been speculations about the introduction of an automatic option to provide a meaningful option for customers who have to endure bumper-to-bumper traffic on urban roads.


GO+ will be available in five colour options :

  • Reddish Gold
  • White Solid
  • Silver Metallic
  • Grey Metallic
  • Black Solid

Considering what we have understood till now, GO+ MPV could just be launched at a striking price tag and have all the chances to go on to become the country’s cheapest 7-seat MPV! We expect a price tag of very much around the Rs 4 Lakh mark that Datsun has been talking about time and again. Watch out for this vehicle in 2014!

If this doesn’t appear to be your cup of tea, you can also wait for Honda’s Mobilio which will gun for the throat of Ertiga and a launch is expected during mid of 2014. If still not, do check out this 7-Seat WagonR MPV!

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