Update: Maruti has officially confirmed the launch date of Ciaz SHVS. It is launching on 1st Sep. Check details here.

Autocar has posted a short first drive review of the new upcoming Ciaz SHVS (Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki) which, we know, will be offered on the 1.3 liter DDIS diesel engine. The review reveals what will be ‘so hybrid’ in the new Ciaz which is expected to take the fuel efficiency game a notch higher! Let us list the three new features Ciaz SHVS will come along with…

Dedicated Start/Stop: Very similar to Mahindra’s Micro Hybrid, this deactivates the engine after the car is at a complete halt for some defined time and puts it back in power when the driver presses its clutch. Autocar says they experienced the shut down of the engine after 4-5 seconds of halt.


Deceleration Energy Regeneration: When the car is getting decelerated, it sends the energy produced into the vehicle’s electric system which improves its efficiency. Doesn’t work when the car is in neutral and clutch is pressed.

Engine Power Assist: According to Maruti this function assists the engine power as a motor when the vehicle is running. More details on how does it work on Ciaz when Maruti explains it later..

Apart from this, Ciaz SHVS also gets a gear indicator and is expected to churn out fuel economy figures of close to 28 kmpl. Autocar says the launch is early next month.




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