Rollr Mini: A Seamless Way of Connecting with Your Car

Looking for a seamless car tracking & diagnostic device? You must read this then…

With technological advancement, everything is available at your fingertips and their extension – the smartphone. So, it makes sense to get everything we use connected to it; like our cars. I’ll be honest now about something that I definitely do, and I’m sure a lot of you do it too – ignoring a blinking light on the dashboard because it means dragging the car to the mechanic and spending a lot of money. Why always wait until the scheduled service to know what’s wrong with your car? Wouldn’t it be easier for you to diagnose your car’s health or know your driving behavior or even stay connected with your car with a simple device installation? I like to simplify my life, and save money while I’m at it. Now I know everything there is to know about my car through my phone thanks to the Rollr Mini Device and the Rollr App.

Rollr Mini

The Rollr Mini device is compact and handy in size and comes with a great form factor. It can be plugged into the Onboard Diagnostic/OBD-II port (it’s a standard diagnostic port and you’ll find it on all cars manufactured after 2008) of your car. Keeping in line with the company’s motto, a “seamless app for everything on the move”, the Rollr App (available for free on Play Store and App Store) syncs perfectly with the Rollr Mini Device via the integrated SIM card. Once I got the device synced with the Rollr app, it told me everything about my car, including my driving patterns. The device tracks your car’s location, engine health and keeps a record of all its trips, which you can view on the app.

Rollr – How to Install

There is no complicated process involved in the installation of the Rollr Mini; you just need to

  • Plug Rollr Mini into your car’s OBD portusually located under the steering wheel/glove box/ dashboard or adjacent to the fuse box (you can also search for the port’s location on the Rollr Mini website)

  • Download & Sign up on Rollr app.
  • Activate Rollr Mini (by entering device’s serial number and activation code and few car make related information)
  • Boom – DONE!

Rollr – Features

Car Tracking – You can track your car’s location in real time. You’ll always know where your car is, irrespective of whether or not you are using it. It is a little similar to the other GPS trackers available in the market but that’s where the similarities end. Rollr, I figured, has a lot more to offer:

  • Multiple User Tracking: Rollr allows two people to track the same car. Let’s assume you are driving to a new, unknown location and are worried about your safety. You can add another person as the secondary user of your car, which will allow him/her to keep a track of where you are along with your exact route. Not just this, that person will also be able to monitor your car’s health, your speed and even your driving behavior.
  • Place Alert: Set places of interest to you (such as your Home, Work) and get alerts on your mobile when your car is near your place. Set up a Place Alert in the App and get notified when your car crosses it, thus ensuring that your car remains within a boundary.
  • Engine on alert: Even if your car moves without the engine being turned on, you will receive a notification, which can come in handy in cases of your car getting towed or moved away from its position.
  • Speed Alert: You can set a speed limit for your car and every time your car speed goes beyond that speed limit, you receive an alert.

Car Diagnostics

There are times when you have to take your car to the service centre for repairs and maintenance. Only after taking your car to the service centre, can you know about the exact health issues your car is facing. Even then, you have to trust the service centre because you have no means of knowing whether they’re telling the truth about the issues or not. This is not the case when you have the Rollr Mini plugged in. This car diagnostic device communicates with your car’s engine through numerous sensors already present in the engine. Following are the six parameters of car health that the Mini device shows on the app:

  1. Malfunction Indicator
  2. DTC (Diagnostics Trouble Codes) for different engine modules
  3. Battery Level
  4. Coolant Temperature
  5. Ambient Temperature
  6. Fuel Level

The first four parameters are enough to tell you everything you need to know about your car’s health and while these are standard for all cars, the last two depend on the car’s brand and model.

When you check these parameters on the app, they appear with easy-to-see indicators next to them: green if everything is good and red if not. You can also tap on each individual parameter to see its different functions. Take the ‘Engine’, for example; the Engine tab will show you a list of all the sensors in your engine and their status. This is brilliant for when you see a red indicator next to the ‘Engine’ because then you can check exactly where in the engine the problem is.

Also, for parameters such as Coolant Temperature or Battery Level, not only will it tell you about the current status but it will also inform you about the optimum levels. If there is any kind of problem in any of these parameters, the Malfunction Indicator is automatically turned ‘ON’ which lets you know that you are having some engine trouble.

Trip Management – This feature gives you access to your entire driving history. You can check all your previous trips including the exact locations, duration, route and even the way you’ve driven your car along that route. This feature can be very useful when you’ve lent your car to someone else or for people who manage a fleet of vehicles. You can also check your driving history.

Rollr ScoreRollr also tells you about your driving behaviour. The driving behaviour is compiled as a score out of ten that tells you how good or bad a driver you are. This score is based on four factors – speeding, idling, hard accelerating and hard braking. With the Rollr score, you can keep a track of your driving habits, and get the best efficiency out of your car. Kind of cuts down on your boasting about your driving because now there’s proof! Road safety aside, that’s another incentive for me to improve my driving.

Rollr Quick Pointers

  • You can add up to 2 additional users who can access your Rollr Mini’s data.
  • You can use it as a Plug n Play gadget, which is installed without any hassles.
  • Rollr Mini is compatible with most of the cars with OBD II ports manufactured in India after 2008. You can check for your car’s compatibility at Rollr’s official website.
  • Rollr comes with a 1 year free subscription!
  • Rollr Mini can record 8 hours of data in no network conditions and has an in-built Lithium-Polymer battery.
  • It has a SIM which works on 2G/EDGE connectivity

Rollr Mini Video

I’ve had the Rollr Mini device for around a month now, and so far, I have nothing bad to say about it. It tells me about how my car is doing and also my driving. Another thing worth mentioning is that Rollr is giving out a free 1 year data subscription with the Rollr Mini.

Overall, Rollr Mini is a very smart gadget that everyone should use in their car. Not only does it help you in staying connected with your loved ones, but it’s also very beneficial for your car. The Rollr Mini device integrates effortlessly with the Rollr App, which makes for a smooth and hassle-free experience.

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