One name which brings a feeling of royalty just by thing about it…one name which will make you go dreaming about a rich lifestyle you wish you were born into…one name which will make you roll your eyes and start fantasizing about an alternate universe where you are richer than Bill Gates. And yes that name is Rolls Royce.

Rolls Royce is planning to launch the Rolls Royce Ghost Series II in India in the next few months and ahead of that the company has got in (at least) one unit in India, possibly for various showcases to customers. This pic is courtesy a Facebook user Abhijeet Tilekar who has snapped this car.


The Ghost Series II was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year, and continues to use the same 6.6L turbocharged V12 engine as its predecessor which zooms to hit the ton in just 4.9 seconds! That’s mighty quick for a car which weighs 2,435kg unladen. The changes include a slight alteration in the design of the bumpers, and a redesigned head lamps cluster which is now powered by LEDs. It also gets an outlining of beautiful daytime running lights.

The car also boasts of satellite aided transmission and on-board Wi-Fi. Updates have also been showered on the navigation system and the user interface of the infotainment system. One can even buy an optional Besopke audio system which has been designed specifically for the Ghost Series II.

The 8 speed automatic ZF 8HP90 gearbox uses an advanced technology which uses GPS and maps from the navigation system to study the road ahead to pre chose the gear and deliver smoother torque (which peaks at 780 Nm) with improved fuel efficiency.




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