Saddener! Next Gen Figo Twins May NOT Use 1.0L EcoBoost or its Derivative [Speculation]

Ever since Ford announced that they will be launching their next-gen Figo hatchback and the compact sedan in India, we have been really excited. Going by the looks and prospects of these cars, they can be two of the most worthy rivals in their respective crowded segments.

The bigger point of interest for us was/is the petrol engine both these cars will come equipped with. It was/is expected that both these siblings may share EcoSport’s 1.0L EcoBoost petrol engine with our without the Turbocharger! Even without a turbo, both the cars would have made for fairly decent drives, we believe and then Ford always have the option of introducing a sports version with the full blown 125PS turbocharged motor!


However (and that is a big HOWEVER!), a new report at cites some of its sources and claims that the new Figo twins will, instead, use 1.2 liter TiVCT petrol engine. This decision, they say, has been taken keeping the cost constraints in mind!

The engine we are talking about here is nothing but the same 1.2 liter naturally aspirated petrol motor on the current Figo where it produces 71PS, but the report claims that the power output will be jacked up to about 85PS by tweaks and changes to the cylinder head.

Next-Gen-Ford-Figo-KA (8)

While we can not comment on how good or bad the new Figo petrol will turn out to be, we believe Ford is missing out on a very interesting chance here. With petrol cars gaining momentum, new Figo could have stood out as a natural choice with the EcoBoost (or its derivative). Ford is possibly loosing out on an easy USP!!!

The diesel engine as we know will definitely be the relatively new 1.5 liter TDCI from EcoSport and the current 1.4 liter will be ditched! According to reports and hints we have got, Figo compact sedan will be launched earlier within a few months and will be followed by the new Figo hatch towards the second half of this year.

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